Ideas that impressed me at the 2011 TC Disrupt Hackathon (NY)

Went to the TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon today to check out some of the exciting ideas coming out of NYC – didn’t necessarily agree with some of the judges’ decisions for finalists, so I wanted to give a shout-out to some of the awesome ideas that didn’t make the cut.  Some of these ideas are not totally fleshed out, but I think could have some real world implications and potentials!

Ideas that awed me:

  • The one idea that just blew everyone else out of the water.  Cloud management! You have files on Google Doc, Dropbox, etc, etc, how do you move them between each other? Today it’s so troublesome – with, you can move between each services with one click.  As someone who is gradually moving his entire life into the cloud, this is going to be an awesome service.  Come to think of it – imagine if it will allow access to TWO Dropboxes? That’s like, UNLIMITED CLOUD!!!
  • Gilt-ii: Omg? This is a scary and awesome idea.  With flash sites, ticket websites, there’s always a time limit for you to hold the items in your cart – what Gilt-ii does is create an auction marketplace on TOP of the Gilt page.  Say you got an item in your cart for $100.  Someone wants to buy it for $120.  You agree, so Gilt-ii will go in and change the shipping address to the buyers, and handles money transfer between the users.  Legal? Ehh….
  • Joinable: Freaking awesome.  Joinable provides homeless people with a way to retrieve email/voicemails, that will help them with say, in their job search.
  • Peeq: I’ve ALWAYS had a need for an app like this.  Oftentimes I see things, but don’t know how to describe them (or find an easy way to), so with Peeq, I can take a picture of what I’m looking at and ask and crowdsource the answer.  The maker describes it as “Quora meets Instagram”.

Ideas with good potential:

  • Shout-out to Andrei for this one!! Let’s you send money to your friends easily via FB connection.
  • Interworld: Creates an overlay of the website you’re on – allow users to take interaction online to the next level.  Think… a chat room on top of any webpages.
  • SpreadOurMessage: Allows organizations to distribute messages via their fans – once an user authorizes SpreadOurMessage, any organizations can send one message, which will be posted on all users’ walls! No more “if you agree copy/paste”!
  • Storycloud: Check out the video – let’s people create interactive story books!
  • FFFollow: Want to follow each other on Twitter but hate having to type in the name? Easy! FFFollow provides you with a way to add each other in person – all you have to do is click on the corresponding image (for example, press the dog at the same time), and you will be connected!

Fun, honorable mentions:

  • Human frogger.  Enough said.
  • Venture Crapital: Actually made it to the finals.  It’s a game where you shoot money at startups and sell before the bubble bursts.  Chrome only for now.
  • PastPosts: From the guy who made “4squareand7yearsago“, this site will show you what you did on Facebook a year ago.
  • Foursquare Badge Crawl: I’m always on the hunt for 4sq badges, so this comes in useful.  Tell you what you need to do to get that next badge!

You can check out videos of all the presentations here:

And here’s more from Andrew Mager from ZDNet:

If you’re trying to get into the start-up space, NY is a great place right now!

Bigass Disrupt sign
Here's Andrei on stage!
Check out Mr Monopoly!
This kid makes me sad. He's 14!!


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