What you need to know – some social media news

OK, you don’t NEED to know these things – just some interesting things I noticed from the past day or so.

First the big news – T-Mobile (in partnership with Vivox) has announced free-calling for folks using Facebook, within the network!  You gotta download this app “Bobsled” but it’s supposed to be a painless process.  This is particularly interesting, since we’ve heard for so long that Skype is doing some deep integration into the Facebook ecosystem – what will happen to Bobsled once that is complete? Will Facebook allow competing telecom service in its network? Will the ecosystem change dramatically?


It appears that Facebook has quietly rolled out more “safety tools” to protect against predators on the Internet, and help people stay protected.  It would also appear that they are introducing some sort of 2-factor authentication – thought I think it’s rather weak.  I think it’s just verifying the computer that you’re on, and prompt again when you’re on a different computer.  This has nothing to write home about when compared to Google’s 2-factor authentication, where a user has to verify w/ a random code generated by an app on the phone.


At TowerGroup’s Financial Services Strategy & Technology Conference in Boston, Brian Burke, SVP at RBS First Citizens Bank rattled off some nice stats:

  • More than 80 percent of customers are using social media
  • And 47 percent of customers are using social media to tell others what they’ve learned and experiences they’ve had with financial services products
  • P2P mobile payments are big. . . just not yet in the U.S. More than 40 African countries now have institutions that enable these transactions, bringing a form of banking to the underbanked
  • ———————-

    Here’s a good case study of how 1-800-Flowers.com uses Facebook to engage its customers.  By the way, here’s an awesome infographic on “the business of Facebook“.


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