About Eric Ho


Eric currently leads Culture and Outreach at Capital One Labs, the digital innovation group within Capital One. Prior to joining Capital One as a product manager, he co-founded Husky Labs, an Internet chatting startup; he has also held various product development, partnership, and marketing roles at American Express and several NYC-based startups.

Motivated by the desire to improve people’s lives, Eric has a successful track record of delivering human-centric solutions that meet people’s needs; working with cross-functional teams of data scientists, designers, and developers, he’s developed products and capabilities that address pain points faced by consumers, small businesses, and internal teams.

Passionate about creating people-driven cultures and communities, Eric has consistently sought out different ways to improve team cohesiveness and foster creativity; he spearheaded various employee development and community engagement initiatives over the years and has made the teams he’s worked on great ones to work for.

You can reach Eric at ho.eric@gmail.com and +1.551.333.9689.